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Below are links to some JUICE poems in the journals in which they first appeared.

Some poems appeared in print journals and not online

and some poems appeared in journals that are no longer:

Avatar Review: “Last Wishes”

Bird’s Thumb: “Appalachia”

Chelsea Station: “Laughing”

The Cincinnati Review, University of Cincinnati: “Less is Milk”

Coe Review, Coe College: “Breaking the News”

Forge: “Night to Remember” 

Forge: “Peninsulaville”

Helen: A Literary Magazine: “Dreamboat”


Imitation Fruit: “Crib Note”

Packingtown Review, University of Illinois, Chicago:

“Accounting Major” and “Chicken Little”

Passager: “Suburban Pastoral”

Passager: “The Two Armstrongs”

Red Booth Review: “Win Win” and “Different Directions”

righthandpointing: “Make Do”

Spank the Carp: “Hookey”

Stickman Review: “Out of Water”

Triggerfish Critical Review: “For Ages”