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My father took me with him to the only bookstore in a hundred miles to buy a DIY how-to on livestock dentistry and while there I heard and saw but understood nothing the man behind the podium read heʼd written in his skinny book of verse anyone could take home for a mere six bucks and my father told me, save your money for a rainy day, just happened to be the following Sunday when my mother yanked me off to church first time in galoshes, Iʼd just turned seven, where a man in robes read from a book so fat he didn't even try to pick it up and cradle it, words Iʼd never heard before, words Iʼd wanted to say myself, even own, so when a plate of money got passed around, I dropped what I had saved onto it and later took his book, not all that heavy really, more like a ham, but at the door while shaking my motherʼs hand, the man in robes made me put the big book back, would not give back my dollars on that plate, called me a fibber and I called him a faker, the first of many f words my mother failed to wash out of my mouth.






After high school Marvel double-majored in cosmology and cosmetology at the local community college and now every night like clockwork she gathers together her paraphernalia and makes up stars. Sheʼs even won awards. Her husband says sheʼs bitten off more than she can chew but one thingʼs sure, she keeps them looking younger by millennia and some scholars out there as well as in here say sheʼs changing the faces of astrology and astronomy.






Me and Joe are out hoeing potatoes when he reminds me the submarine is reemerging down at the pier this afternoon. Wanna go, he asks? Will be too hot to hoe.


I remind him of what happened last time. You know how those skinny navy boys like the real thing. All they get underwater is reconstituted.


Well what about your chickens? Joe asks. You know how much those skinny navy boys like chasing chickens?


Iʼve got my chickens covered, I tell him. At the snap of fingers they all hop into their rabid fox disguises. Theyʼre enough to scare anybody, especially now theyʼve learned how to stagger across the chicken yard and foam at the mouth.


Weʼre forgetting, Joe says, those skinny navy boys are our fighting boys. They keep our nation safe from all the isms, especially hypnotism. I donʼt ever want to be seen cackling on a stage somewhere and flapping these flimsy arms, bobbing my head for cracked corn. Besides, these boys deserve a real meal.


Youʼre right Joe. You bring the spuds. Iʼll bring wings. Weʼll get the wives to dance with them after dessert!


Hell, Iʼll dance with them myself, Joe says. Itʼs been a while since I did the mashed potato.





I was flying down the road when this trooper flicked his lights and cranked his siren. I immediately pulled over. After tapping my bumper just a little, he got out of his cruiser and walked up to my window, already rolled down of course, and tipped his cap. Please step out of the vehicle and walk the line, he instructed. I walked the line as straight as if Iʼd painted it myself, which I just happened to have done a week ago today. Why the swerving? he asks. I told him there were all these turtles, at least a dozen of them on the pavement, none in a hurry to get across. I see, he said, but he didnʼt see a one. Next time, he said, just run ʼem over! Far too many in the commonwealth as it is and by the way, hereʼs a ticket. Itʼs to our annual ball. I took it, then he took my arm, escorting me back to my pickup, telling me on the way how he really dug my alligator shoes and was looking forward to a dance.



While making a sandwich for my pop conked out on the sofa,  I couldn't remember if he liked his mayo well inside or spread to the edges or slopping over them and I knew he didn't want to be kept waiting so I only slopped mayo over two edges and left two edges brown and crusty, these he could back into his palm and I called to him when the table was set and watched as he sat licking all the edges with his tongue as if I could do nothing right or no wrong at all.

INAUGURATION DAY      nominated by Burningword Review for inclusion in Best of the Net 2020!


Wife calls me from her cell, says all the way to work whitetails lined the roadway, four and five deep in places, says they looked like passengers behind the line to board a train. I remind her that todayʼs the day the governor comes to town with his entourage and motorcade. I ask her if she saw the rabbits. Come to think of it, she says, it did look like the doe were wearing fuzzy slippers. And were there birds perched atop bucksʼ antlers? Hundreds, maybe thousands, in the voice she gathers for amazement. She asks if theyʼve all left their nests to greet the governor as he passes. I tell her each and every creature have been summoned for extinction. Did you not see the front end loaders, dump trucks in the background? Silly me, she says, youʼre right, always with a new administration.

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